How to Be the CEO of Your Life

A free video training for business leaders who look successful on the surface 
but know there's something's missing and are ready to redefine success as the CEO of Their Life

Hello, CEO!

You're creating phenomenal results in your professional life - but on the inside you somehow feel unsettled or dissatisfied. Something isn't aligned. Something feels off. And you know that if you could just address whatever 'it' is  - you'd be living a more expansive, happier and fulfilled life.

This 45-minute training will show you how, by being the CEO of Your Life,  you can resolve the root of your challenges and:

  • Wake up feeling aligned and excited with the work you do
    • without following anyone else's blueprint of success,
  • Achieve the big visions and goals you have in your mind
    • without having to sacrifice your authenticity, time with family or your health,
  • Grow yourself as a leader 
    • without having to fake it or feel like an imposture.

Sneak Peek Into The Training

'How' to be the CEO

  • What is the CEO of Your Life framework?
  • Why does it matter to you, and how can you start applying it?

Your Path to Success

  • What does living in success look like? How can you create this for yourself?
  • What does it mean to be in and out of Alignment?

Your Inner Audit

  • What are your blindspots and specific problems that you need to work on? 
  • Identify simple actions you can take to start being the CEO of Your Life now

Why This Matters To You

Your greatest power is choice.

  • First, we don't give you a blueprint or tell you how to achieve the results you want. That's your job - the CEO is in charge, remember? 
  • The CEO of Your Life framework is a container for you to work in - based on your current professional and personal challenges, goals, desires and preferences
  • Being the CEO of Your Life means that you take the wheel and drive from where you are to where you want to be
  • You'll feel energized because as you take the power back to change your life, you'll start to see huge results happening for you and you'll be living life on your terms, no compromises.

"I had an epiphany that, wait, I create my life. I need to be the CEO of My Life. And in an instant I was off changing everything  - my goals, my relationships, my choices. This work is very authentic and empowering."

- Co-Founder of a Private Jet Company

My Story: Co-Founder, Mom, Wife, Friend

I get you because I'm a high-achiever with a lot of soul, heart and grit. I run a successful company, am a Mom of 2 under 2, am an American expat living in Germany and I love running and reading philosophy.

Very quickly as life got more complex, I found myself overwhelmed and overstretched – I would wake up and just GO until I dropped at the end of the day.

I wasn't enjoying work or life even though on the outside it all looked amazing - and knew it was time to call out my inner CEO.

From a place of personal power and responsibility, I made conscious changes that allowed me to create more business growth while feeling more aligned to my Self than ever before.

What's your story? Ready to join me?

xx TraceyLiv